Evolving the Next Generation of Fluoroproducts

Evolving the Next Generation of Fluoroproducts

China Fluoro Fluoroproducts help give ordinary things extraordinary capabilities

Fluorotelomers & fluorosurfactants  today's basic materials for innovative  products and effective applications.
  • Fluorotelomer Intermediate

    The key ingredients in a variety of applications, including water and oil repellents, mold releasing, scratch resistance, antifouling and antifogging.substrates and good anti-crater performance by reduction of surface tension of the coatings. Learn more

  • Fluorocarbon Alcohol

    Fluoroalcohols are used as solvents to dissolve dyes for producing information recording media such as CD-R and DVD-R, wherein recording layers capable of writing and/or reading are provided on their substrate by means of a laser. Learn more

  • Hydrofluoroether

    Hydrofluoroether - specialty fluids Hydrofluoroether are a family of nonflammable, versatile fluids that can be used in many applications.It’s perfect for electronics defluxing, low residue precision cleaning, oxygen cleaning, lubricant deposition, so Learn more

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