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Fluorotelomer Intermediate

The fluoro specialists can select further porperties and opimize them. This opens up new application possibilities.

Which Fluoro Intermediates Do You Need?

The product overview lists the fluoro products which we can supply. If you are looking for a fluoro product with a different requirements profile, please contact us.

By modifying or developing the standardized products, we are usually able to meet almost any requirements.

In fire fighting, every second counts.

Fire fighting foams fluorosurfactants made with fluoro telomer help deliver safe, reliable performance to extinguish fires faster and reduce burn-back time.

Fluoro coating additives enhance your performance.

Fluorosurfactants made with our fluoro telomer enhance the properties of formulations — improving qualities such as wetting/spreading, leveling, penetrating, foaming control, chemical stability, thermal stability, or substantially reducing surface tension.

Perfluorinated leather protector 

provides a durable, invisible barrier against water, oil, dirt and stains for both industrial and consumer-applied coating applications.

Fluoro repellents for paper, paperboard 

Made of perfluoro telomer repellents help protect packaged contents that are inside the wrapper, paper bag, paperboard box or molded paper container, ensuring package integrity is maintained against oil and grease.


Protection for stone, tile and concrete 

·       Durable protection from staining

·         Superior oil and water repellency

·         Retains the natural appearance of stone, tile, concrete 

High performance, in repellent


·       Superior oil and water repellency durability

·         Preserves the quality, hand and appearance of textiles

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