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We're Committed to Becoming A Higher Value Fluoro Company

Our China Fluoro vision focuses on our higher-volume, differentiated premium products that position us for growth across the world.

China Fluoro vision and strategy

We bring Higher Value Chemistry to our customers, investors, and 


Our approach is to invest in the areas where we are the strongest by focusing on our differentiated portfolio of 

performance chemicals. These are the premium products our customers in developed and developing markets 

buy in high volume. Products such as fluoro telomer intermediates, fluorocarbon surfactants, hydrofluoroethers, 

and more that are essential to making many goods that people use every day.

The China Fluoro vision to become a Higher Value Fluoro Chemistry company 

is based on addressing our distinct global trends. 

As technology advances, consumers demand more from their products—benefits such as comfort, durability, high performance, and convenience become a way to differentiate and gain market share.

Developed Markets Want Value-Added Products.

Our products are consistently providing new, innovative, high-market impact applications to meet consumer or market demands and provide a competitive edge.


We’re leveraging advantages that are unique to our company.

  • · Portfolio advantage

  • · Product advantage

  • · Operational advantage

A balanced portfolio.

We’re aggressively simplifying our portfolio of products and focusing on the key growth initiatives: 

fluorotelomer technologies and fluoro specialties—the offerings and performance chemicals that are 

the heart of Higher Value Chemistry. 

The aim is to keep our portfolio balanced and nimble enough to respond to the needs of developed 

and developing markets alike. 

Leading brands built on constant innovation.

We never stop working to improve our products and services; this is a main reason why customers choose China Fluoro. We have transformative product innovations and new customer-led applications in our pipeline that are positioning our industry-leading brands for continued growth. 

High Value Chemistry is about 

how we focus our energy on the areas where we can make the biggest impact with our leading products and technologies.

We are positioned for the future.

Becoming a Higher Value Chemistry company means that we are intent upon delivering higher value 

to our customers, our value-chain partners, our shareholders, and the world at large. We are focusing 

our energy on becoming the kind of company that both leads change and responds to the changing 

needs of the world.

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