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Hydrofluoroether specialty fluids have unique physical and chemical properties that enable use in a wide range of applications. The environmental properties, nonflammability, and superior performance make HFE a popular choice.


With the concept of “non-flammable and safe solvents”, we offer fluorinated solvents that are used in precision cleaning, other types of solvents and heat transfer medium with high thermal stability. With our technical support matched to our customer’s uses, we provide suitable solutions for each customer.

Fluorinated refrigerant gas and solvents are widely used as materials that can be used safely with less toxicity and flammability in the refrigeration and solvents field. China Fluoro has developed and provided all kinds of chlorofluorocarbon alternatives that address the earth's problems such as ozone destruction and global warming. Using the knowledge we have gained thus far, we are proceeding with the development of refrigerant gas and solvents with a low Global Warming Potential as HFCs alternatives.

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