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    We bring Higher           Value fluoro                 specialties to our         customers.

Innovation and the skills of our employees form the basis for our success as a company. 

We drive innovation by continuously developing new molecules, technologies and business models in our research centers, investing in research and development projects, supporting the development of our employees and expanding our activities through acquisitions or collaborations with external partners. Strengthening our innovative capability enables us to address the challenges of our time and achieve profitable corporate growth.


We are focused on our differentiated portfolio of premium products positioned to help our customers respond to developed and developing market needs.

Investing in research and development

China Fluoro promotes an innovation culture based on openness to new approaches and internal interdisciplinary cooperation. We are building a national and international network of outstanding scientists to further

increase our expertise and extending this network through collaborations with external partners.

We’re customer centered.

We are always ready to bring innovative applications to new and emerging markets to fit our customers’ needs. We achieve this by becoming more intimate with our customers, building trust through new products and enhanced solutions that meet their business needs.

We strive for continuous innovation to meet global needs.

It is here at the intersection of demand and opportunity that The China Fluoro Company vision of Higher Value fluoro specialties can make a difference. We seize new opportunities to meet the challenges of this unique moment in time, with products that are not only more efficient to make and to use; but also more reliable, safer, and more environmentally responsible.

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