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Our Commitment to Sustainability

For China Fluoro, sustainability means shaping the future successfully and, as part of our corporate strategy, is an integral part of our day-to-day work routines. We are convinced that we can only achieve lasting commercial success if through our innovations we increase our contribution to overcoming global challenges in the fields of health, meet our responsibility to the environment, and on the basis of this also ultimately promote our economic growth.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our corporate strategy complies with the principles of sustainability in fulfilling our mission. Our objective is to safeguard and boost the company’s success, creating entrepreneurial value while also respecting social values. We are developing products now that will be of great social profit in the future and are safe in both manufacture and application. This is the only way to generate sustainably profitable growth and secure our future business success. Sustainability thus makes economic sense for the company. 

The focus of our sustainability strategy is on

·  Responsible business practices that reduce our business risks.

·  Our own innovative strength that both opens up new business opportunities for us and enables us to generate economic, ecological and social profit.


How We Act


With our core business, we have a major impact on societal development. At the same time, we depend on intact social framework conditions and an innovation-friendly business environment. For us, it is therefore important to contribute to society’s future viability and create value in diverse ways.

blob.png    We meet our responsibility to protect the environment in many different ways. We are continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and develop product solutions that protect the environment. For us, an efficient approach to raw materials and energy makes both ecological and economic sense. Our measures help reduce environmental impact and at the same time cut the costs associated with materials, energy, emissions and disposal.


Our business success is based to a large extent on the knowledge, skills, commitment and satisfaction of our employees. As a modern international employer, we offer our employees attractive conditions and wide-ranging individual development opportunities.


Safety management and the continuous development of a safety culture are a cornerstone of corporate responsibility in the China Fluoro. Preventing accidents and incidents in day-to-day work, when operating production facilities, and on work-related travel and transportation routes where people or the environment may suffer harm or damage has top priority for us.


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