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R&D/Technical Center

Fluoroproducts Technologies

Shandong, China 


Our center for research, product development, customer support, and materials testing for 
customers across Asia. Our scientists and engineers at the center provide in-market application 
expertise for customers, and connections to knowledge from around the world. 

They support materials research for customers involved in automotive, bio-based materials, 
chemical production, coatings, communications, consumer electronics, packaging, protection, 
and safety applications.

The center provides process optimization for advanced manufacturing, part fabrication, and 
polymer blending. It also provides analytical capability for materials characterization, failure 
analysis, and performance properties. 

Production Sites

Fluoro telomer products

Jinan, China

China Fluoro is the largest production base of perfluoro telomer intermediates in China, with 
a highly productive workforce.

China Fluoro produces products that are widely used throughout the construction, semiconductor, 
automotive, and household goods industries, among others. Products manufactured here include 
Telomer Iodide, Fluorocarbon Alcohol, Hydrofluoroether, and TFE downstream monomers. 


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