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Corporate Compliance Policy forms the basis

China Fluoro aims to succeed in the competitive arena by being innovative, quality-driven, reliable and fair. This means observing both company-specific and statutory regulations. The Corporate Compliance Policy forms the basis for this. It draws attention to a number of principles that are of particular significance in practice.


China Fluoro respects applicable law, including international law, and requires its employees and business partners to do likewise. This program lists some of the main points that are of particular practical relevance.


Antitrust violations are inherently bad for business. They undermine markets and harm consumers.

    China Fluoro is absolutely committed to the principle of fair competition and, in particular, to the strict observance of antitrust law. 

China Fluoro's reputation is upheld by every employee doing the right thing. There is no justification for illegal business practices – ever. We accept the fact that we may lose some business opportunities as a result.

Corruption will not be tolerated. 

China Fluoro takes a strong stance on safety, environmental stewardship and human rights and expects equal commitment from its suppliers.

China Fluoro is conscious of its responsibility to protect health and the environment and ensure people’s safety. 

Trade compliance reduces the risk that our goods or technology end up in the wrong hands.

The provisions of all national and international foreign trade laws must be observed. 

Personally profiting from non-public information that China Fluoro entrusts to us is prohibited.  

Every employee is obligated to treat confidentially any internal information that could affect the price of the company's stock. 

Reliable information is critical for good decision-making by management, investors and the public.

An internal control system must provide for the proper documentation of key business processes. Controls must be established to ensure that all transaction details relevant for accounting purposes are fully and correctly captured. 

We treat each other fairly and respectfully. If we think something is not right, we speak up. We take a stand without fear of retaliation.  

All employees are expected to behave in a friendly, objective, fair and respectful manner toward colleagues and third parties. Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. 

Intellectual property rights are valuable assets. We protect this value for China Fluoro. Likewise, we don’t incorporate someone else’s intellectual property into our own work unless we’re certain we have all the rights needed to do so.      

Protecting our intellectual property rights and respecting those of others
Confidential company information must not be disclosed to any third party or made public. 

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