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Shandong Zhongfu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Environmental protection work public content



China Fluoro Technology Co.,Ltd.

Public contents of Environmental Protection Work


China Fluoro was established on April 9t 2004 with 125million Yuan registered capital and now  Owning staff more than 300 people.covers an area of 157mu in the Diaozhen chemical Industrial park of Shandong Province. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, the policy makers looked at the long term,high investment and high starting point, established the enterprise purpose of science and technology to creat the future, specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of fluorine contained fine chemicals.


We’ve been adhering to people-oriented,harmonious development of enterprise value, striving to create honestly,harmony and scientific innovation as the core of corporate culture and continuously promoting the core competitiveness which is market-oriented, technology-oriented and innovation-driven.


I.Existing production process

1. The TFE production process

2. The TFP production process

3. The fluorine-containing textile finishing agent production process


II.Existing pollutants and handling & conditions

1. The waste water

Mainly contains F ions and organic pollutants in waste water, we have two sets of industrial waste water treatment plant and a set of living wastewater treatment facilities, qualified wastewater will be discharged from the main row that is placed with on-line monitoring instrument, we are still equipped with environmental testing station which can be monitored at any time.


Executive standards for sewage discharge of "In Xiaoqinghe river drainage by water pollutants emission standards and standard of quality[2011] No. 35),at the same time satisfy the economic ZhengBan [2011] No. 49 of emission standard and Zhangqiu office of the people's government" about improving part polluters notice water pollutant emission standards.


2. The waste gas

Emissions generated in the production process and the residual incineration exhaust emissions. Fluorine resin plant residual liquid after the station burned after alkaline wash process treatment of exhaust emissions.


Emissions to perform the integrated atmospheric pollutant discharge standard "(GB16297-1996) secondary emission standard in the table and unorganized emissions monitoring concentration limit and GB18484-2001" standard of hazardous waste incineration pollution control ".


3. The noise

Noise mainly comes from the reaction kettle mixing pump, compressor and all kinds of machine, etc.


Execution of noise at boundary of GB12348-2008 "the emission of environmental noise within the boundary of industrial enterprises"


4. The hazardous solid waste

Entrusting qualified enterprises for processing.


III. On-line condition monitoring facility

We are now running a set of sewage on-line monitoring equipment, monitoring of COD and ammonia nitrogen wastewater, respectively. The on-line monitoring equipment has the epa acceptance and for the record. At present, the company is preparing to install gas on-line monitoring equipment, achieving the drainage transparency.


Furthermore, we make the monitoring plan and be submitted to the environmental protection bureau for the record. Our company strictly implement the national and local laws and regulations, make the sewage control, transparent, supervision by society.

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