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Create Value for our customers

WE want to create value through innovation,growth and high earning power

Welcome to The China Fluoro Technology.

Whether you're a customer, shareholder, or stakeholder, 

we're glad you're here.

We come to work with one goal in mind – making fluoro specialty a catalyst for growth, 
invention, and lasting value. Fluoro specialty is our passion. It’s how we make business 
better for our customers, and life better for people around the world. 

The Current & Future Prospects

China Fluoro Technology is a combination of a variety of different areas of expertise for the 
research and development on the products. By a group from chemical, mechanical, textile, 
electronics and other information as well as areas of outstanding professionals work together to create new life.

The current international fluorine production of specialty chemicals companies, found in Europe, 

America, Japan and in the field of specialty chemicals for decades development experience. 

China Fluoro is the only company in the Greater China region focus on developed fluorinated 

specialty chemicals, continued to develop cutting-edge high-quality products, in addition to 

invest significant capital to develop the sophisticated experimental facilities, and is actively 

recruiting both excellent academic qualifications, and related industry experience, master’s 

and doctoral level professionals engaged in research and development.

Businesses Strategy

Specialty chemicals, one of the most technical and innovation fields in the chemical industry, 
 China Fluoro focus on fluorine materials and optoelectronic materials applications. By its 
 unique material, through research and development technology can be widely used in electronic 
 industry, textile industry, automotive industry, leather industry, agriculture and other kinds of 

Quality & Environmental Policy

China Fluoro has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 
 environmental management system certification.

In order to achieve pollution prevention,sustainable development of enterprises and continuous improvement :

F  Continued improved environmental performance, ensure business continuity.

F  The establishment of EMS operating system,in line with environmental regulations.

F  The implementation of environmental education and training,spread environmental awareness.

F  The control of the use of harmful substances, the products meet the safety requirements for environmental policy.

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